Get your office back in shape with a Health Challenge.

Why are Health Challenges better than weight loss challenges?

Weight loss challenges have to much focus on going on a diet but a health challenge will promote people to stay healthy for life. The reasons most diets fail is because they are short term fixes to a long term problem. In order to change ourselves on the outside we must start with the inside and our habits.

Studies support the findings that a office promoting healthy habits from what we put in our mouth to our activity levels at the workplace, improves productivity and fewer short term disability workdays lost.

We are amongst the holiday season and we all know what that means — food, food and more food. Every place I have ever worked starts celebrating the holidays with food come Halloween all the way into the new year.  That is the great thing about food it brings us together. Unfortunately, most of the foods we socialize with during these few months cause us to gain more Fat and promote further unhealthy behaviors into the new year.

Our holiday feasting literally creates an addiction for sugar, sweets, and every high glycemic food you can think of . I would never promote not partying, with all the hard work that goes on all year long the staff needs a time to kick back , relax and enjoy the delicious. So feast on , but instead of just partying why not incorporate something that will promote an appetite as well as camaraderie  and productivity. Before the party begins, go on an office walk, walk the stairs for 15 minutes before the party begins or better yet did someone say “dance party” before you dig in to the Food. And then after all the partying comes to a end and its time to get back to work help everyone shed the pounds and get focus with an in house office health/fitness contest.

I hate to be the one to say it, but offices are full of unhealthy and overweight people and this could be just the incentive everyone needs to get moving at the New Year. Sometimes people need motivation and encouragement and the entire workplace will provide that support needed.

We all know that men lose weight quicker than women, so the contest should be based on percentage of weight lost instead of pounds (divide the number of pounds lost into the total weight for percentage), as well as overall transformation and biggest success stories. Designate a few third party judges to determine your winner or have a unanimous office vote with everyone´s weight charts being unanimous, because we all know this is a sensitive area for many people. By not basing your results on total weight lost and more on transformation and biggest success stories people will truly be striving for something more than just losing weight or winning the prize but overall be striving for Health and the power and control it brings to a person. Empowering one’s health bring happiness and promotes their effectiveness to perform at their peak everyday at work.

Plan to make the contest eight weeks -12 weeks long. This is enough time for someone to lose a considerable amounts of weight the healthy way. For instance 50 pounds over a 12 week period would be an average of 4.2 pounds a week.  Start on January 7th, allowing time to prepare and get out of the Holiday routine and plan to have the final results by the beginning or end of march depending on the length of challenge. It’s been clinically proven that 12 weeks of implementing new healthy habits is a long enough period for someone to learn how to maintain these habits for the rest of their lives. If you have a gym in your building, take full advantage of this opportunity. Yes, this is an opportunity to change your employees lifestyle.

Every Monday, bring attention to the competition and find out what is working best for people, offer a piece of advice, with a simple quote, recipe, or research finding. Help people achieve their goals by helping them help each other. Have employees get involved in sharing healthy food ideas such as delicious morning protein shakes, healthy low glycemic meal ideas.  15 minutes once a week will help everyone stay focused on why they are doing the health challenge….to get healthy.

In the end, health and fitness are an individual choice. However, your company as a whole will reap the benefits of health challenge through reduced sick days, reduced time off due to stress and fatigue, and increased employee morale. Quite often when people start a healthy program, smoking and drinking is reduced or eliminated, which is also a benefit to the company.


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  1. TSpringston says:

    A Boom life puts on health challenges customized to fit your office, your patient’s and/or your client’s needs. Goto to see what type of prizes this New Year’s health challenge is offering or how you can host your own challenge!

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