The ADA reports 7 things our teeth should never be:

Tooth loss is common, But it is not an inevitable part of aging, says Richard H. Price, DDS, a retired dentist in Newton, Mass., and spokesman for the American Dental Association. “Teeth do not die a natural death — we kill them,” Price says.

The American Dental Associate reports 7 tools our teeth should Never be:

1. A bottle opener – our teeth were not made to remove caps, tops, or lids.

2.A  NUT Cracker — our teeth are strong but not for unusually hard items like ice cubs, popcorn kernels, nut shells. And STOP Chewing on pencils or pens, throw a piece of sugarless gum into your mouth.

3. A CLOTHES HANGER –  Holding a hanger in your mouth and hanging a item of clothing is risky, cracking/ chipping of the teeth can occur.

4. Scissors for Cutting thread or ripping something open.

5. Your FINGERS -Loosening knots or tearing off tags is a task best kept to the hands.

6. A Grinder – grinding breaks down the enamel and weakens your jaw. Stress control and relaxation techniques will help.

7. A stress reliever – take a few breaths to relieve your stress don’t clench your teeth and jaw.



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