The Ideal Oral Hygiene Routine:

Step 1 Consistency, twice a day is best.

Step 2 The purpose to brushing is to remove excess bacteria from the mouth. Otherwise plaque and tartar begins building up between the teeth and gums, leading to periodontal disease.

Step 3 Floss and scrub your tongue at least once, daily. Flossing and scrubbing the tongue eliminates twice as much bacteria from the mouth as just brushing the teeth.

Step 4 Don’t forget about your gums and inside of the cheeks, too; just a gentle scrub will help remove excess scum.

Step 5 A clean tooth brush makes a clean mouth , replace or sterilize with antibacterial mouthwash every 2 months. It is also beneficial to thoroughly brush the gums, as well as the insides of the cheeks.

(Optional) Electric toothbrushes may remove significantly more plaque than regular brushes; incorporating natural brushes , picks , pastes, teas and mouthwashes into your daily oral-hygiene routine promotes healthy gums and teeth.



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