Top 5 reasons why we all need to be eating low glycemic everyday!

1. Eating low glycemic foods promotes healthy weight loss.

  • Energy restricted diets will result in significant weight loss, but diets with consumption of primarily lower GI foods resulted in a greater weight loss. (Abete, 2008)
  • After a 5 week trial of High Glycemic vs low glycemic eating, body weight and BMI were significantly decreased in the Low Glycemic group. Differences between the 2 groups was significant and  De Rougemont reported that low GI diets may be beneficial on body weight regulation.  (De Rougemont, 2007).
  • After 6 months participants still eating low glycemic achieve greater overall weight loss and had no weight regain.

2. There is a direct correlation of eating low glycemic and reducing your risk of cardiovascular disease.

  • In 2009 , Kashik reports  consuming food in the highest GI and lowest Cereal fiber had a five-fold increased risk of stroke death.
  • IN 2000, LUi and Halton report A high glycemic load is strongly associated with an increased risk of CHD;
  • Carbohydrate classified by glycemic index, as opposed to its traditional classification as either simple or complex, is a better predictor of CHD risk

3. There is a direct link to glycemic index of foods and CANCER

  • Augustin, 2004: direct relations between dietary GI and GL and prostate risk were found.
  • Bertuccio, 2009  GL may have an independent role in gastric cancer formation
  • Lajous, 2005 High intake of rapidly absorbed CHO (High glycemic foods) may play a role in the risk of breast cance

4.  There is strong evidence supporting a relationship between high glycemic foods and type 2 diabetes.

  • High Glycemic Foods increases circulating insulin levels, our insulin stores in our muscle and liver are filled relatively fast. With High levels of insulin our cells become more and more insulin insensitive and we store the excess insulin as fat. That is why insulin is called our fat storage hormone. So High glycemic foods are the culprit behind our obesity epidemic too. Eating low glycemic promotes the release of glucagon our fat releasing hormone.


    5. Eating low glycemic  curbs your cravings, sustains energy, and promotes further low glycemic eating.

    • When we eat low glycemic we do not spike our blood sugar and we do not get the sugar crash associated with high glycemic high processed foods. Also our body returns to a normal fasting state after digestion and we are not left in hyperphagia, an uncontrollable hunger associated with high GI foods.



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