Wise up your energy drink choice

We all need a pick me up sometime , so how do we decide the best option for an energy drink. Coffee just doesn’t cut it, a cup is good, but it can only provide so much. That is why many of us are choosing the carbonated energy drink as our alternative and we are trusting who exactly to be creating the best …Red Bull. A energy drink that has been banned in a couple countries and several studies have reported red bull causing preemptive heart failure and blood coagulation. Researchers believe it’s the wild-card effect of how caffeine interacts with other ingredients in the potent potable, taurine and glucuronolactone. We are warned by redbull not to drink more than 2 a day and  it is know to weaken then enamel of teeth because of the citric acid content.

Drinking just one can of the popular energy drink Red Bull may put you at risk of developing blood clots. A study in Australia, reported, “Even young healthy people develop symptoms normally associated with cardiovascular disease after drinking Red Bull. Researchers tested 30 young adults an hour before and after with sugar-free Red Bull and the results  were striking. “One hour after they consumed the drink, their cardiovascular systems were no longer normal, and their blood became sticky, an indicator of blood clots.” Red Bull, it turns out, had an immediate detrimental effect on both endothelial function, and normal blood coagulation.  This temporarily raised the cardiovascular risk in these individuals to a level comparable to that of an individual with established coronary artery disease

So we need something that will pick us up when we need it most without the heart wrenching complications that accompany the traditional high sugar taurine caffeinated beverages on the market today.

6 important factors to choosing a healthy energy drink

  1. A healthier energy drink  uses only natural flavors, low glycemic sugars, no artifcial flavors, no sweetners, no preservatives, and no artificial colors .
  2. Uses natural caffeine from green tea, instead of highly purified or synthetic caffeine.
  3. Uses only low glycemic sugars the provide sustained energy without the unnatural high from spiking blood glucose w/ high glycemic sugars.
  4. Contains Vitamin and minerals and antioxidants to support energy metabolism at the cellular level.
  5. Contains L-carnitine, when present in our body L-carnitine expands our fuel resources , with adequate supplies of L carnitine fat can be transported past the mitochondrial membrane and into the mitochondria where it can be burned and  used as fuel .Switch over using fat as fuel when our sugar levels run low and prevent the crash.We all have plenty of fat that we would be willing to be burn for energy.
  6. Also L carnitine helps transport toxins out of the mitochondria and efficiently out of the body.

What  energy are you using to Rev up your cells? It needs to be the cleaner, smarter and stronger choice. Contact to find out which energy drink HPC trusts!


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