A story about how vitamins protect our health

The power of antioxidants

We have all been told to take our vitamins, and scientific research continues to suggest including a multivitamin in to our daily regime will protect us against degenerative disease.

Here is a true account told by Dr. Kenneth H Cooper in his book the Antioxidant Revolution about a man who didn’t realize how much his vitamins and minerals were protecting his health:

When Jeff began his vitamin regimen, he did not realize that his blood lipids were astronomically  high. It was not until the mid70s when he was about 65 years old that he discovered through blood test that his triglycerides were consistently over 1000 mg/dl (they should be lower than 125) also he learned that his total cholesterol was over 400 mg/dl (should have been lower than 200).

Despite these high levels, Jeff had not experienced any problems  with his heart or blood vessels, but his physician put him on an early cholesterol lowering medication. But the medications did little good. His triglycerides remained very high, and cholesterol count not reduce below 300. Also during this time Jeff STOPPED his daily vitamin supplement regime.

Soon afterwards Jeff developed intermittent claudication, or pain in walking as a result of clogging of the vessels in his legs, and had to undergo surgical procedures to increase the flow of blood. For about 5 years jeff continued on his prescription medication program and discontinued his supplement regime. During that period he experience 2 transient ischemic attacks (TIAs) or mini-strokes which resulted likely from the partial clogging of his carotid (neck) arteries with fatty deposits.

In 1991, Jeff starting hearing more news about the importance of antioxidant and vitamin supplements. He found out taking relatively large quantities of Vitamin E and C could provide a major defense system to protect him from the oxidation of LDL and the formation of dangerous “foam cells” (foam cells contribute to the formation of plaque on our vessels, which leads to atherosclerosis, heart attacks, and strokes.

Returning to his daily practice of taking antioxidant supplements, Jeff took a stress test to evaluate vessel blockage. The test reveals no significant blockage of his coronary arteries, which feed blood to the heart. Contrary to all expectation considering his high levels of blood lipids, jeff possess a “happy heart”.

If we want to truly help our patients, the best preventative clearly is providing ourselves, our patients and clients with pharmaceutical grade vitamin supplements. If you are not sure how to choose which one check out our blog next week the top 10 elements to consider when choosing a vitamin supplement.


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