10 Key elements to picking out a Beneficial Multivitamin

There are over 90 vitamin manufacturing companies located in that State of Utah alone , if you walk in to the grocery store there are over 1500 different products to choose from that are suppose to be beneficial to health. So how do you decide which products to take and provide for our clients ? And are they doing something for our health and is there a way to tell which one’s belong in the trash?

Here are 10 key elements you should consider when choosing a nutritional supplement for your self, clients and product line:

1. Your Multivitamin should be rated with a 5 star rating in Dr. Lyle Mac William’s Book, Nutrisearch Comparative Guide to Nutritional SupplementsNutrisearch which rates over 1500 dietary supplements according to their Quality of ingredients, manufacturing methods, testing and fifteen other quality control concerns.

2. Your multivitamin should  Voluntarily follow current Good Manufacturing Practices used by pharmaceutical industry

GMP are comprehensive federally mandated guidelines established for the pharmaceutical industry to guarantee the quality for over-the-counter and prescription drugs. These guidelines literally govern  manufacturing from start to finish, in designing production facility, how to maintain facility to promote quality, require detailed specifications for all raw materials, and test raw materials from every batch against those specifications. GMP means the company validates raw material suppliers, validates manufacturing processes, trains and test personnel, test finished products against detailed quality specifications, maintain records and archives for years and follow stringent protocols if quality concern arises.

3. Meet USP standards and specifications. Enhanced bioavailability ensures the nutrients in the tablets break down in the body and actually make it to the bloodstream to be delivered to our cells. The multi vitamin should have the proper forms that are easily and readily absorbed by the body. The product will break down in the body and do not contain undeclared ingredients or harmful contaminants.  100% potency guarantee means what is on the label is actually in the product

4. NSF International Certification and a Athlete Guarantee – this is not a athlete product line, but a contract to a professional sponsored athlete that they will not test positive for a banned substance included in the WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency).

5. Superior Ingredients. Balanced, Science-based formulas: Your multivitamin should be fluctuating with science and  upgrade product formulas on a regular basis. Product updates should be based off advances in nutritional science in response to in-house research, clinical trials, bioavailability studies, build research into products.

6. Products are tested by third party labs.. (evaluated and approved by consumerlab.com for instance)

7. A member of United Natural Product Alliance

8. The supplement company should be made up of an Accredited team of scientific experts

9. Provide exceptional in-house state-of-the-art manufacturing

10.Your Multivitamin should be published in the Physician’s Desk Reference . If you know it’s the vitamin Dr.’s Recommend to their patients you know its a vitamin you can trust.


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