10 Key elements to picking out a Beneficial Multivitamin

There are over 90 vitamin manufacturing companies located in that State of Utah alone , if you walk in to the grocery store there are over 1500 different products to choose from that are suppose to be beneficial to health. So how do you decide which products to take and provide for our clients ? … Continue reading

Office Chairs and your Back Health

Office Chairs, can we reduce the Back Pain? Sitting for prolonged periods of time will cause low back pain or worsen an existing back or neck problem. Basically the reason behind this is that sitting in general, is a effortless motionless posture that increases stress in the back, neck, shoulders, arms and legs, and in … Continue reading

Chiropractic Adjustments Help Fibromyalgia Sufferers

Many leading chiropractors are finding a way to further help their Fibromyalgia patients. Not only does adding a pharmaceutical vitamin supplement routine seem to alleviate the chronic pain and low energy levels typical of persons with this condition,  but Chiropractors are finding that providing routine adjustments for their patients suffering from intense inflammation in the … Continue reading

Get your office back in shape with a Health Challenge.

Why are Health Challenges better than weight loss challenges? Weight loss challenges have to much focus on going on a diet but a health challenge will promote people to stay healthy for life. The reasons most diets fail is because they are short term fixes to a long term problem. In order to change ourselves … Continue reading

How to pick the right health products for your practice?

Just yesterday I was walking through my local grocery store, its a Safeway if you were curious, and made my way down the vitamin, nutritional, medicine aisle to get some toothpaste.  I was blown away at all the different types of herbs, vitamins, minerals, gel-caps, liquids, powders, packets, patches… that my local run-of-the-mill grocery store … Continue reading

Top 5 reasons why we all need to be eating low glycemic everyday!

1. Eating low glycemic foods promotes healthy weight loss. Energy restricted diets will result in significant weight loss, but diets with consumption of primarily lower GI foods resulted in a greater weight loss. (Abete, 2008) After a 5 week trial of High Glycemic vs low glycemic eating, body weight and BMI were significantly decreased in the … Continue reading