10 Key elements to picking out a Beneficial Multivitamin

There are over 90 vitamin manufacturing companies located in that State of Utah alone , if you walk in to the grocery store there are over 1500 different products to choose from that are suppose to be beneficial to health. So how do you decide which products to take and provide for our clients ? … Continue reading

A story about how vitamins protect our health

The power of antioxidants We have all been told to take our vitamins, and scientific research continues to suggest including a multivitamin in to our daily regime will protect us against degenerative disease. Here is a true account told by Dr. Kenneth H Cooper in his book the Antioxidant Revolution about a man who didn’t … Continue reading

Hello Health Professionals!

Welcome to Health Professionals Connected. A place where health professionals from every health field can meet, socialize, exchange ideas, and discuss what effects us most in our practices.  Feel free to join in on our conversations and please share any stories or ideas that you have on what has been successful or unsuccessful in your … Continue reading