10 Key elements to picking out a Beneficial Multivitamin

There are over 90 vitamin manufacturing companies located in that State of Utah alone , if you walk in to the grocery store there are over 1500 different products to choose from that are suppose to be beneficial to health. So how do you decide which products to take and provide for our clients ? … Continue reading

A story about how vitamins protect our health

The power of antioxidants We have all been told to take our vitamins, and scientific research continues to suggest including a multivitamin in to our daily regime will protect us against degenerative disease. Here is a true account told by Dr. Kenneth H Cooper in his book the Antioxidant Revolution about a man who didn’t … Continue reading

Office Chairs and your Back Health

Office Chairs, can we reduce the Back Pain? Sitting for prolonged periods of time will cause low back pain or worsen an existing back or neck problem. Basically the reason behind this is that sitting in general, is a effortless motionless posture that increases stress in the back, neck, shoulders, arms and legs, and in … Continue reading

Wise up your energy drink choice

We all need a pick me up sometime , so how do we decide the best option for an energy drink. Coffee just doesn’t cut it, a cup is good, but it can only provide so much. That is why many of us are choosing the carbonated energy drink as our alternative and we are … Continue reading

The Ideal Oral Hygiene Routine:

Step 1 Consistency, twice a day is best. Step 2 The purpose to brushing is to remove excess bacteria from the mouth. Otherwise plaque and tartar begins building up between the teeth and gums, leading to periodontal disease. Step 3 Floss and scrub your tongue at least once, daily. Flossing and scrubbing the tongue eliminates … Continue reading

5 things we must know about our Diet…

1.The difference between Simple and Complex carbohydrates is not as important as knowing the difference between Low Glycemic Carbohydrates and High Glycemic Carbohydrates 2.The role of blood sugar on the development of disease and losing weight 3. The role snacks play in your ability to lose weight. 80-90% of the time a snack should be … Continue reading

The top 5 Nutrients essential for Optimal oral health

Feed Your Teeth the Right Stuff. You don’t need a special diet to optimize your oral health just maintain sound nutritional habits everyday. Meeting your daily value for specific nutrients will be especially helpful for your teeth and gums. 1. Vitamin C. The link between vitamin C deficiency and gum disease is well known. Back in … Continue reading

10 things that cause plaque

Your teeth are live human tissue , so they need your attention: Plaque – is bacterial buildup residing in the filmlike substance on your teeth — causing decay which can lead to periodental disease – which inflames gums and destroys supporting tissues such as ligaments and bones which leads to loose and eventually lost teeth. … Continue reading

The ADA reports 7 things our teeth should never be:

Tooth loss is common, But it is not an inevitable part of aging, says Richard H. Price, DDS, a retired dentist in Newton, Mass., and spokesman for the American Dental Association. “Teeth do not die a natural death — we kill them,” Price says. The American Dental Associate reports 7 tools our teeth should Never … Continue reading

Make your Dental office more than just teeth…Become the one stop shop for total body wellness!

Research shows people hate going to the dentist from a regular teeth cleaning to root canals and cavity feelings. Lets face it going to the dentist hurts and it’s no wonder we have trouble getting our clients into the office. But maybe there could be a way to make them excited to come in for … Continue reading