10 things that cause plaque

Your teeth are live human tissue , so they need your attention: Plaque – is bacterial buildup residing in the filmlike substance on your teeth — causing decay which can lead to periodental disease – which inflames gums and destroys supporting tissues such as ligaments and bones which leads to loose and eventually lost teeth. … Continue reading

How to pick the right health products for your practice?

Just yesterday I was walking through my local grocery store, its a Safeway if you were curious, and made my way down the vitamin, nutritional, medicine aisle to get some toothpaste.  I was blown away at all the different types of herbs, vitamins, minerals, gel-caps, liquids, powders, packets, patches… that my local run-of-the-mill grocery store … Continue reading

The ADA reports 7 things our teeth should never be:

Tooth loss is common, But it is not an inevitable part of aging, says Richard H. Price, DDS, a retired dentist in Newton, Mass., and spokesman for the American Dental Association. “Teeth do not die a natural death — we kill them,” Price says. The American Dental Associate reports 7 tools our teeth should Never … Continue reading

Make your Dental office more than just teeth…Become the one stop shop for total body wellness!

Research shows people hate going to the dentist from a regular teeth cleaning to root canals and cavity feelings. Lets face it going to the dentist hurts and it’s no wonder we have trouble getting our clients into the office. But maybe there could be a way to make them excited to come in for … Continue reading

Top 5 reasons why we all need to be eating low glycemic everyday!

1. Eating low glycemic foods promotes healthy weight loss. Energy restricted diets will result in significant weight loss, but diets with consumption of primarily lower GI foods resulted in a greater weight loss. (Abete, 2008) After a 5 week trial of High Glycemic vs low glycemic eating, body weight and BMI were significantly decreased in the … Continue reading

Hello Health Professionals!

Welcome to Health Professionals Connected. A place where health professionals from every health field can meet, socialize, exchange ideas, and discuss what effects us most in our practices.  Feel free to join in on our conversations and please share any stories or ideas that you have on what has been successful or unsuccessful in your … Continue reading