10 things that cause plaque

Your teeth are live human tissue , so they
need your attention:
Plaque – is bacterial buildup
residing in the filmlike substance on your teeth — causing decay
which can lead to periodental disease – which inflames gums and
destroys supporting tissues such as ligaments and bones which leads
to loose and eventually lost teeth.

  1. Poor
    personal oral hygiene (Brush 2x a day with a soft bristled
    toothbrush floss at least once)
  2. Lack of
    Professional Care (2x a year if not more)
  3. Smoking Tobacco -smoking affects blood supply that feeds
    your gums, increasing the incidence and severity of periodontal
  4. Poor nutrition and lack of vitamin
  5. High levels of
  6. Degenerative Disease like Diabetes,
    Hypertension, Arthritis puts someone at greater risk for
    periodental disease
  7. Changing hormones during
    pregnancy an also affect a woman’s response to disease. So it’s
    especially important to get regular professional care throughout
  8. Too much Sugar – We know that sugar
    is a super fuel for bacteria that produces acids and enzymes So the
    american dental association recommends you either cut down on the
    sugar or get it out of your mouth before causes any more
  9. A dirty toothbrush Wash your
    toothbrush once in a while in the dishwasher or place it in a cup
    of mouthwash. Let your toothbrush dry completely after each
  10. Sharing your Toothbrush. Don’t
    share your toothbrush with anyone.

      Whether it’s
      quitting smoking, reducing stress, reaching your healthy
      weight, getting enough sleep or eating more nutritious food,
      many healthy lifestyle habits will cut your odds of periodontal
      disease or at least slow its progression. Contact your dentist if
      you see signs of periodontal disease: red, sore, or bleeding


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